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According to solar zodiac astrology there are 13 solar zodiac signs while there are 12 sun signs or star signs in most of the astrological systems. The solar zodiac system of astrology has all the twelve astrology signs that are there, in most of the accepted and established astrology systems. The extra zodiac sign that the solar zodiac astrology system has is Ophiuchus.

An analysis of your solar zodiac is always unique in comparison to the other types of astrology analysis, since the calculation on the basis of 13 solar zodiac signs will reveal some aspects of your nature and personality, which might have been ignored or not suitably emphasized in other astrology systems. Moreover, Ophiuchus can be your solar zodiac sign. In that case you are sure to discover some new aspects of your character, personality and natural tendencies as under the influence of your solar zodiac sign.

If you are interested to know your solar zodiac sign and get an interpretation of the attributes due to your solar zodiac sign, you can get your solar zodiac analysis or solar zodiac interpretation here. You just have to enter the details as instructed by the solar zodiac calculator.

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