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There are a vast number of tarot spreads available for use by a tarot reader. Some spreads are specific to certain questions while others are more general in nature. But any spread or layout can be used for all tarot readings. Find out more about the different spreads that you can use in 2016, 2017 to get answers to your questions.

One of the simplest spread is usually the Three Card spread which is very easy to understand. The next most accurate tarot spread is the Celtic Cross spread. Other than these two tarot spreads there are many spreads which have an excellent ability to do an accurate tarot reading.

The Celtic Cross is used for general reading and the chakra spread for spiritual reading. Chakra balance reading through tarot is also accurate for spiritual challenges for children and family. A family spread shows childhood problems, expanding your business would be a business spread; heartache would be a love relationship spread. Questions like is he/ she my soul mate would be a love relationship spiritual spread, letting go would be a love relationship spread.

So as you can see there are many different types of spreads, each one of these will provide you with specific details in regard to your particular concern. Perhaps you are having difficulty in a friendship: true friends spread would be an appropriate spread to use. You had a couple of job offers which one do you want to select, which job in the career work area would be appropriate. Using a career spread would give you the most correct answers.

It is important because it eases our lives when we have this kind of information. You may not get a permanent or complete answer but it is a guide and most of us can use all the guidance we can get.

Here is a list of more types of Tarot Spread:

Relationship chart tarot spread is good if you are looking for love; career and job Tarots spreads; moving Tarot spread; card Tarot spreads; life Tarot spreads; a set number of card tarot spreads; Celtic cross tarot spreads; large tarot spreads; zodiac tarot spreads; writers and artists tarot spreads. Answer all your questions in 2016-2017 with this free online tarot reading available right here.

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