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Palm Reading (Palmistry) is also referred to as chiromancy. The name comes from the words for hand and divination in Greek. This practice allows one to determine their personality and what will happen to a person based on the appearance of the hand. While there are many variations often set according to local customs, palmistry is practiced around the world. Get your free 2016-2016 palm reading analysis online.

As there are many different schools of palm reading, there are many different interpretations of the hand. Because we have no absolute proof, predictions made by palmistry is often seen as a pseudoscience. We do know that chiromancy began in the East. The practice of chiromancy occurs in the societies of India, China, Persia, Tibetans in particular.

Palm reading itself is based on your interpretation of the shape and lines on the hands. The dominant hand shows your current life and the non-dominant hand shows the probabilities at birth. In most possible form, the roots are in the Greek mythos. And many of the areas are representative of particular concern. For e.g. The ring finger is often thought to match Apollo and will indicate things about art music and harmony.

Depending on the school of palmistry undertaken for reading various aspects of hands, there are many types of hand present. The four common hand types are based on earth, air, water, fire and each of those has its own characteristics. The number and the clarity of thought are often also included. Earth and water hands tend to have fewer lines. But different lines in the air and fire hands tend to be less defined.

There are many primary lines. Heart line represents love. It can also be seen to deal with how we cope with our emotional life. The second major line is the head line. The head line generally reveals information about the intellect, how it works, how you communicate and how you learn. The third major line is the life line. It is perhaps how you see the sparking of controversy. This line represents your energy, physical health and all-around well-being. The lifeline is also seen to represent extreme change. The length of the fingers in comparison to palm is also relevant.

Palmistry is an interesting way to get a feel of your personality and can be used to predict the future. Get free palm predictions for yourself, friends and family in 2016, 2016 right now!

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