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Tarot and Numerology are popular forms of divination. Your Life Path Number and the Destiny Number calculated from your date of birth are associated with Tarot cards. A Tarot Numerology reading comprises of a detailed interpretation of your personality, your positive and negative aspects and also your ruling planet. This provides an insight into a person's personality thus helping him to improve himself for the better.

It is a fact unknown to most of us that numerology - the science of study of numbers, is related to the numerological sequence of the deck of 78 tarot cards. Each and every card in the Tarot deck is very strongly associated with numbers. And these numbers have their basis on the principles of numerology that represents a spiritual evolutionary process that ranges from the numbers 1 - 9.

There are a large number of tarot cards in the 78-card tarot deck, the meanings of which have been derived from the ancient study of number occult. It is the number on the Tarot cards that reflect its numerological scheme. Take the example of the Minor Arcana cards. The 10 of pip card reflects our feelings, emotions, our everyday life and the ongoing events. And on the other hand, the Major Arcana cards represent a number of attributes related to our practical world, the spiritual world, finance, family matters and lot more. It is with the help of these numerical relationships with the cards of the Tarot deck that helps one to achieve a deeper understanding about the meaning of the Tarot cards.

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