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Tattva (also Tattwa / Tatva; Sanskrit word meaning thatness, principle, reality or truth) - Represents the five elements that make up our universe. By undergoing a Tattva vision session and by manifesting its energy one can achieve success and mental peace.

Tattvas healing method is designed to help you discover and get closer to your true self and your goals. When you meditate on the Panch Tattvas - Akasha (spirit), Tejas (agni, fire), Vayu (air), Apas (jal, water), and Prithivi (earth) - You can experience and understand the most effective way of self-improvement.

Manifestation of the astral energies of Tattva Cards meditation can also offer you deep relaxation and enhanced concentration. You can become not only more determined about what you really want in life, but far more knowledgeable about how to accomplish it.

Similar to meditation but only more powerful, the Tattva vision session is designed to bring about self-actualization, which is essential for you to achieve your objectives in life and to reach the pinnacle of success . Note: Number of sub-tattvas varies depending on different schools of thought and philosophy. Some schools use 25 tattvas, while others believe in the concept of 36 tattvas.

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