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Color Therapy is a self-healing method which allows you to relax, heal yourself and free your mind from all sorts of tensions, stresses and strains. Color Therapy can trap people of all ages with its miraculous powers. Color therapy is sometimes also referred to as the Chromo Therapy; these days this method of alternative healing is being practiced widely all over the world. The different colors which we see around us are the result of light vibrating at different frequencies.

Light is the most important source of energy and it is also the source of the complete gamut of colors. Since the ancient ages, colors have played a number of important roles in human life. Egypt is the place where the concept of Color Therapy initially originated. This method of alternative healing with the help of various colors was first developed by the primitive Egyptians thousand of years ago.

The fact is that, human physiologic functions often respond to specific colors in a predictable manner. This is the basis of color therapy. The energy centers of the human body i.e. the seven Chakras are associated with seven different colors which radiate energy of vibrations and control the flow of energy throughout our body.

Color therapists across the world use different shades of colors in a number of ways for the purpose of promoting human health and healing. Almost all living beings on earth are known to get energized and stimulated by a variety of colors during the day which includes red, yellow and orange; while some other colors like the blue, violet and indigo are the colors of the night which has a calming and a rejuvenating effect. Each color has its own positive as well as negative attributes.

Color Therapy helps you to understand the vibration of the different colors. A basic idea about the different colors including their healing properties helps a person use that color for his benefit. Color Therapy is one of the most traditional, effective and practical ways of relaxing deeply. This helps you in your quest to attain deep relaxation and re-energize yourself.