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The Kua number for a person helps one analyze their destiny and defines their auspicious and inauspicious directions as well as personal colors to wear and avoid for these particular directions. The Kua or Gua number is based on the Eight Mansions school of Feng Shui. Each number attracts a different kind of prosperity.

It is recommended that you eat, sit and sleep in the auspicious directions. The Success (Sheng Chi) Direction signifies the best direction to create wealth and prosperity. Education will progress. Business will prosper and there will be an abundance of happiness. The Health (Tien Yi) Direction brings good health and protection from illnesses. It brings relief from suffering and help in the curing process. The Romance (Nien Yen) or Relationship Direction will reduce your fights and quarrels and improve the harmonious relationship with your family and loved ones. The Personal Development (Fu Wei) Direction helps improve your stability and personality development. It also aids your thought process. Your kindness and respect for others also increases.

The inauspicious directions are the ones that need to be avoided for any good purpose. The Total Loss (Chueh Ming) Direction may be bad for your job or some terrible misfortune. This may also lead to bankruptcy, illness and death. The Six Killing or Obstacle (Liu Sha) Direction signifies your direction for legal problems and constant illnesses. The Five Ghosts or Illness (Wu Kuei) Direction may cause illnesses in your family and some scandals. There may also be accidents. The Mishaps (Hou Hai) Direction may lead to arguments and loss of money.

Each personís destiny is also closely related to the five elements. Element Water denotes you will flow like water. You have a flexible and adjusting nature. You may seem stable but in reality you are restless. You will make a good leader, as you are confident and clear about your decisions. You have a magnetic personality. Element Earth denotes that you are grounded and have strong roots that spread throughout the soil. You are very loyal and dependable. At the same time you can be stubborn and stick to your decisions. You can be the best friend or the worst enemy. Element Metal denotes that you are a deep thinker and believe in discovering things for yourself. You are disciplined and methodical by nature. You believe more in quality than quantity. Element Wood denotes that you are committed to your work and always fulfill your commitments. You are always young at heart and aim to reach the top and spread out. Element Fire denotes that you have a lot of passion and fire burning inside you. You have an attractive personality and are always enthusiastic about doing things. You need to be surrounded by people and hate loneliness.

Personal colors that improve your performance can also be calculated based on your Kua number. The colors for the four different auspicious directions are dependent and different for each person. You can use the different colors to energize your Success, Love, Health, and Personal Growth situations. You also need to know which colors to avoid wearing. These colors will drain your energy and make all your hard work useless.

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