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Since Feng Shui is most commonly associated with interior designing or vaastu shastra, you might find it quite surprising that feng shui principles can also be used to check compatibility between you and your partner. Kua number or the gua number is thought to be immensely important according to the feng shui principles. Feng shui astrology says that the kua number or the gua number not only has an important role in bringing peace, prosperity and success to your life but also has the ability to do a feng shui compatibility test.

Compatibility between two persons depends on the type of persons they are, the way of thinking they have and the core personality traits that are innate in both. If these aspects of the two partners find harmony among themselves with the perfect mixture of dominance, tolerance, compromise, uncertainty, stability and security, the compatibility level is sure to be strong. Again, the basic instinctive features in the partners can ruin the relationship between the two despite the strong attraction for each other.

Feng shui kua number of feng shui gua number is used to find the different aspects of human life, nature and character. Therefore, if used properly, the fengshui kua number can also be made to check fengshui compatibility between partners be it feng shui love compatibility or feng shui marriage compatibility.

Feng shui compatibility principles also take into account the trigrams and the hexagrams. These have also been found to be important in doing feng shui compatibility test and producing apt results.

If you want to check fengshui compatibility between you and your partner, enter the details that you are asked for, and do accordingly. You will get your free feng shui compatibility reading.

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