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Eight House Feng Shui principles determine the lucky and unlucky directions of a house, housing area, apartment or office area. This unique fengshui tool finds out which directions are good for you and which directions are better avoided.

The feng shui principles are reputed for the most effective and most pregnant use of directions. According to the feng shui eight house principles, you can reach the peak of success and prosperity. Using the corners and directions according to the feng shui rules increases happiness and heightens the possibility of money and fame.

If you are a professional interior designer, or if you aspire to becoming one, knowledge of feng shui eight house directions is absolutely essential. You may have clients who insist that the interior decorating plans for their houses should be designed according to the feng shui rules. If you have a clear concept of the eight houses in feng shui and the importance of the feng shui directions, you can earn extra-reliability from your clients.

If you want to know the lucky feng shui directions or lucky eight house feng shui direction, you need to get a feng shui eight house analysis or an eight house report. It will tell you the lucky feng shui directions or eight house directions for you. It will also let you know which directions are best for what purpose. It is important that all lucky directions are not lucky for everything. For instance, a particular space in your flat can be very lucky for you if you use that as your place of work. Using that corner for keeping the television set or the music system may not be a very good idea, so far as the proximity of luck is concerned.

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