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Free biorhythm reading, to analyze different elements of your life in 2013. Everyday biorhythm chart shows your Emotional, Intellectual and Physical mindset for the day. This free online biorhythms calculator shows your physical, mental and emotional capabilities thus helping you decide on which tasks can be done that day and completed instead of wasting time and achieving nothing. A biorhythms compatibility reading shows your love match with your partner based on both your biorhythms. Get free biorhytm charts, graphs and know more about yourself and your friends and family.
Daily biorhythm chart for 2015-2016 helps you understand your current Physical, Intellectual and Emotional levels. This chart indicates the three most basic and important cycles of biorhythm known as: physical, emotional and intellectual. Through the chart created, you can understand how your body and mind are going to function in the days to come on the basis of the above mentioned cycles. More...
Each and every individual's biorhythm consists of some intellectual, emotional and physical cycles or waveforms. The physical cycle consists of 23 days when the person's strength, health condition and endurance are tracked. The emotional cycle consists of 28 days and tracks the positive energy and stability of your psyche and outlook on life. Get your 2013 biorhythm compatibility with your partner for a compatible relationship. More...