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Biorhythm Compatibility 2016 and 2017

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Each and every individual's biorhythm consists of some intellectual, emotional and physical cycles:

The physical cycle consists of 23 days when the person's strength, health condition and endurance are tracked.

The emotional cycle consists of 28 days and tracks the positive energy and stability of your psyche and outlook on life. It also takes into account your ability to sympathize with and build a strong bond with others around you.

The intellectual cycle consists of 33 days and deals with the intellectual abilities of a human being such as: verbal, reasoning and symbolic and creative skills.

Thorough knowledge of these cycles helps people to understand themselves and their partner and thus live a happier life.

2016-2017 Biorhythm Compatibility Generator, essentially offers you a graphic representation of both the high and low energy levels during the aforesaid cycles. With a biorhythm chart, you can get to know how compatible or incompatible you are with the people around you during the chosen period. It could be anyone; friend, spouse, parents, children, neighbours, colleagues and even a foe. The only information needed to calculate is the date of birth of the two people and the date for which you need the chart. There is an array of numbers on the biorhythm chart that signify the position of a cycle. Through these, you can learn how the cycle in question would create an impact on your life.

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