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2016 Daily Biorhythm Generator is a tool that helps you to generate your chart. This script indicates the three most important biorhythm cycles: physical, emotional and intellectual.

Through the chart created, you can understand how your body and mind are going to function in the days to come on the basis of the above mentioned cycles. The chart represents a set number of days before and after the day in question. There are numbers symbols attached to them that signify various things. For example, the numbers -14 and +14 across the top, signify the dates ranging from past to future. Similarly, 0% indicates no impact on your life at all, while +100% indicates total positive influence on your life. To use the Biorhythm Calculator 2016 and 2017, you need to put your date of birth and the day for which you need the biorhythm reading.

The three cycles imply the three main aspects of your life: physical, emotional and intellectual.

The physical cycle keeps track of your health condition, strength and vigor. When you are at a high in this cycle, you are highly active and when it's not, you get tired easily.

Emotional cycle deals with the stability and positive energy of your psyche and viewpoint on life. When this cycle is at a high position, you tend to build relationships with new people and engage in creative activities.

Similarly, when your intellectual cycle is at a high point, you become a more reasoned and sensible person.

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