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Like other astrology systems, Tropical astrology holds the planetary positions in different signs with great significance. Planets have different character and personality attributes to influence on the human beings, depending on the signs they are placed in at the time of birth. For instance, Venus placed in the sign of Taurus would not influence your love aspects in the way as it does if placed in the sign of Virgo. Issues related to career depends on which sign Mars and Jupiter are placed in.

Tropical astrology interprets the significance of the combinations of planets and signs in a very systematic way. If you want to get an impression of how the planets are influencing the different aspects of your life, nature and personality, you ought to get a planets and signs reading that lets you have your tropical astrology natal chart.

A comprehensive interpretation of the planets and signs alignments will let you know a number of aspects. Apart from your natal chart denoting the planetary positions, you will get the significance of each astrology planet, considering which sign of the zodiac they are in. You can know which career paths are most suitable for you, taking into account the type of personality, temperament and adaptability you have. In addition to your sun sign profile, the interpretation of the tropical astrology planets and signs will also tell you your compatible signs, lucky colors, numbers and directions.

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