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The positions of the planets not only in the different signs of the zodiac but also in respect of the other planets are of immense significance, especially in tropical astrology. The planetary aspects or the angular distances between planets have a very important role to play in determining the influences of the planets. For instance, the influence of Jupiter with a particular aspect with Saturn will be different from that when Jupiter forms a different aspect with Saturn.

The angular distances between planets or the planetary aspects in tropical astrology play a significant role in determining the basic tendencies, characteristic features and personality of an individual. The basic astrological planetary aspect types in tropical astrology are seven in number. These planetary aspects are Conjunction Planetary Aspect, Semi Sextile Planetary Aspect, Sextile Planetary Aspect, Square Planetary Aspect, Trine Planetary Aspect, Quincunx Planetary Aspect and Opposition Planetary Aspect.

A comprehensive planetary aspect calculation will show the aspecting planets as well as the aspected planets. The tropical astrology planetary aspects reading will let you know the influence of the aspetced as well as the aspecting planets on your basic instincts and your personality traits.

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