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Tropical astrology, a key astrology system, considers the planetary positions with high esteem. It is believed in Tropical astrology that the planets influence the human beings and different aspects of their personal and professional life, depending on their positions at the time of birth of an individual. Interestingly, Tropical astrology has a number of different ways to examine the positions of the planets and find their influences on the human beings.

Each astrology planet is placed in a certain astrology house or a particular sign of the zodiac, as shown in your birth chart. They influence the human nature, character, personality, health, career, finance and many other aspect of life according to their positions in the specific astrology houses. The planetary influences are also influenced by the compatibility between astrology planets and astrology houses. For instance, Jupiterís influence on a person, when placed in the house of Scorpio will be different from that when Jupiter is positioned in the house of Taurus.

The difference in influence types of the very same planet is caused by its compatibility with the zodiac house it is placed in. the compatibility between astrology planets and zodiac houses is called planetary dignities. A calculation of the planetary dignities can give you an impression of how the individual planets will influence you after they themselves are influenced by the houses they are placed in.

If you are interested to know the planetary dignities in your natal chart and also their influences on your private and professional life, you can get Tropical astrology planetary dignities analysis that will include planetary dignities calculation and interpretations of the influences of planet dignities. The planetary dignities interpretation will give you a deeper and significant insight into your nature, personality, future situations and many other aspects of life.

To get an instant calculation of planetary dignities in your natal chart, you have to enter the required details in the given spaces. Click into the result page to find your planetary dignity profile.

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