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Generate your own Janam Kundali Reading. Janam Patrika or Rashi chart is the most vital factor in any form of Vedic astrology reading. South Indian astrological calculations are based on the Vedic astrology principles, but have a different way of presenting the moon chart. Expert astrologers have improvised the earlier fashion of calculations in Vedic astrology to make the readings more perfect and more vividly predictive.

Rashi chart (South Indian style) takes into account the relative position of the planets in respect of the moon in the birth chart. Moon sign or rashi reveals the characteristic features of a native. According to astrology, each planet plays a significant role in determining the influence of the other planets. The position of Venus in respect to the Moon can reveal how Moon is influencing Venusí power.

te This Janam Kundali or Rashi chart - South Indian style is a must-get, if you are interested to know what astrology says about you and your life. It will let you know about your nature and personality traits. You will get a rashi chart along with an interpretation for it.

You can get your free Janam Patrika (South Indian style) instantly. All you need to do is to provide your name and birth details in the spaces given here.

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