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Divisional Charts are believed to give a minute picture of your luck than the birth-chart. Although most of the modern astrologers tend to ignore its importance, these charts can actually give a more detailed and in-depth analysis of an individual's entire life. Also known as Vargas in the Vedas, this method of astrology is massively popular in the western societies where both astrologers and people have a deep faith in its power to tell the future.

Each of these natal charts represents a particular activity and is named accordingly. Every one of them often has several names and their names usually start with the number of their position or division. For instance, Ashtamsa; where ashtam means 8 and amsa means part. So the name indicates that this chart lies in the 8th part of the Divisional Charts.

The planets that represent positive energy in these natal charts are: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus; while the reverse sequence of the planets represents negative energy are: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

Divisional Charts go an extra mile ahead of a birth-chart when it comes to prediction. ‘Shodashvarga’, the 16-divisional chart created by Maharaishi Parashara, is the one that’s the most popular in the west. Here, you can check out your very own free astrology birth chart to know what’s in store for you in your life ahead.

So if you want to know what's there in your divisional chart, simply enter your name and other required details here in the box and follow the even simpler instructions. Your will get our free astrology birth chart.

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