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In Hindu astrology, the divisional charts do play an important role but rashi charts play an even more significant. Major decisions of life such as marriage, are taken after consulting the rashi chart of a person. Rashi charts are made on the basis of information regarding the date, place and time of birth. The key components in the creation of the rashi chart are: the Sun and the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, the 12 lagnas, the 27 nakshatras, the 12 houses, and Rahu and Ketu.

Rashi Chart East Indian Style is a bit different from the other styles of rashi chart. The different movements of the key components are recorded and studied to make predictions. Every individual has 16 charts. The signs other than the ascendant (lagna) are counted in a clockwise pattern and signify a number of aspects of life such as: family, friends, emotions, siblings, relationships, children, sentiments, financial conditions etc. The position of the ‘swami’ or ruling planet in each and every house of the birth chart has to be calculated accurately. Otherwise coming to a concrete conclusion would be impossible.

The important events in your life such as: marriage or child-birth or a major financial decision of your life is dependent on how accurately your rashi chart is created. The rashi chart east Indian style, created on the basis of Vedic astrology and the extensive studies done by astrologers can, not only tell you about the incidents of your life but also give you a detailed picture of the situations that might arise from those incidents. So, if you want to be updated about the information regarding the imminent events in your life and how to be prepared for them, just enter your details in the box given here. You’ll get a detailed rashi chart in East Indian Style.

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