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Astrology plays an important role in the lives of the Burmese people and it is on the basis of a person's birth sign that they come know his personality and behavioral pattern. These eight Burmese zodiac signs also have their corresponding cardinal point - north, south, east, west, north east, North West, south east and south west.

Burmese Astrology is as old as the ancient civilization of Burma and this form of astrology continues to remain popular in Myanmar. The Burmese people know their own signs for month, year, and especially their day of birth. Burmese astrology also known as Myanmar astrology is based on the seven days of the week. There are eight zodiac signs (the extra one is for Wednesdays) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A Burmese Astrology reading gives you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to as per the Burmese astrology, your lucky direction and your planetary ruler. These characteristics also help a person understand his personality and improve himself for the better.

The eight zodiac signs of Burmese astrology corresponding to the seven days of the week are: Garuda, Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Tuskless Elephant, Rat, Guinea Pig and Dragon. These animals nevertheless occupied an important position in Myanmar astrology, but the exact reasons of categorizing the Burmese zodiac with these animals is not known till date. These eight animals are considered to be a reflection of the universe itself. These animal signs provide a basic idea about the characteristic traits of an individual.

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