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There are numbers of mystic and occult practices to predict future, analyze characteristic features, personality traits and many other purposes. Arabic lunar mansions system is one of the most popular mystic practices. The interesting fact about this system of astrology reading is that it is unique in its way of interpreting the planet, asteroid and luminary positions. Let us see how it is different from others in its way of calculations and finding attributes of the astrology elements.

The astrology systems are mostly based on the 12 houses of the zodiac. Western astrology stresses on the position of the sun and finds out personality traits accurately, while the other planetary positions are interpreted to get an insight of the other aspects of life. Vedic astrology considers the moon positions to be significantly important, since considering the planet positions in respect of the moon gives an impression of the mind and heart of the native and foretells future circumstances. The system of Arabic lunar mansions has 28 mansions of the moon, each having specific attributes to bestow on their natives.

Which of the 28 lunar mansions is yours? What are the character and personality attributes of your lunar mansion? Does your mansion of the moon have favorable future in store for you? Which is your ruling planet and who is your lunar angel? How does it influence your nature and personality? If you want to know all these you have to get an Arabic lunar mansion reading.

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