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Ever heard of Pawukon calendar? The Pawukon calendar has long been used and even still is widely used in Bali, an Island in Indonesia. Bali astrology that originated in this island bases its calculations on the Pawukon calendar. It is for this reason that Bali astrology is regarded with a special significance and importance.

Pawukon calendar on which the Bali astrology principles are based came to be introduced in the 14th century. This calendar is found to have 210 days. The most interesting uniqueness of Bali astrology is that it is based on a calendar that has as many as 10 different weeks in swing at the same time. It is not that all the weeks in Pawukon calendar are of the same duration. The longest week consists of 10 days while the shortest among them is merely of a single day.

The basis of Bali astrology or Balinese astrology takes into regard all the ten weeks of Pawukon calendar. The Balinese signs or Bali zodiac signs are as many as 35 in number. Each of these 35 Bali zodiac signs or astrological signs of Bali has unique characteristics.

Would you like to know your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign? A Bali astrology reading or Balinese astrology analysis would reveal various aspects of your nature, character, and personality and many other aspects of your life. Balinese astrology reading can also let you know the symbol of Bintang and also the Aspect of Bhuta Ulu for you.

If you are eager to get an interpretation for your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign, all you need to do is to get a free Balinese astrology reading or Bali astrology analysis. You can get free Balinese astrology reading now just by entering the required information as mentioned

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