African Astrology

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African Astrology in one of the most primitive forms of astrology. The astrology of this particular culture is based on Geomancy. Geomancy is a form of divination with figures made by bones thrown down at random thus forming lines and arrows. Knowing your African Astrology sign helps you understand yourself for the better and become a better person.

Hello Juanita, date of birth entered by you is June 6, 1963 based on which your African Astrology Analysis is as below.

African Astrology Symbol: The Ancestor

Ancestor is considered to be one of the richest African symbols that symbolizes power and energy. The Ancestor natives are highly intuitive by nature and can very well sense the joys and sadness of others around them. These people let themselves to be carried away easily by their melancholic attitude. To govern and to guide are the two prime objectives of these folks. You are very logical, practical-minded and impartial by nature which you a prominent personality among others.

Element: Water

Lucky Day: Monday

Most Successful Months:June and October

Body Parts:The Head

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