Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2014

Sagittarius Love, Romance and Sex In 2014 Predictions

Sagittarius loveLove horoscope predictions 2014 for the Sagittarius zodiac sign shows excellent prospects for new relationships and compatibility in old ones. In the second month of 2014 you will find yourself surrounded by love and romantic ideas. The source will not only be the primary love interest in your life. This bout of tenderness is brought on by Venus in your Fifth House, Sagittarius.

Venus in your fifth house will bring you warmth from your life partner. For those who are single you may very well meet love in 2014 according to love horoscopes 2014 for the Sagittarius sun sign. During 2014, the astrological house of family will be overseen by Uranus. Expect change. You will be content with your family and you'll have flashes of inspiration there. But you are still seeking more independence this year. If you are still living at home you may strike out on your own. And where there are children you will find the family atmosphere very pleasant.

With Mercury retrograde in February there could be a family issue most likely because of miscommunication. In April you may very well find yourself the person in solving the problems your family. Do not act too quickly and try to avoid being stubborn.

For those under this sun sign who have children, they will fill your life with their love, and the dynamics within the family will be very positive. This is a happy time then, and such times of joy and peacefulness are always welcome. And not matter how grown up they become our children are always of concern to us. Are they happy, are they well, do they have enough to eat, and these worries are all part of parental love.

For those who are not committed to another, it could be a great time to find a partner. You have a great chance in this year 2014 to find the right person for you. It seems we all need love to manage and the right person, the soul mate is a rare find. The gentle but strong love of marriage/life partnership sustains you, according to the 2014 Sagittarius love horoscope. The fire of passion sometimes fizzles and dies quickly. Usually, with a soul mate, you get both but that is the rarity.

During the whole of 2014 the Fourth House of Family will be overlooked by Uranus. As Uranus is a planet that is representative of change, Sagittarius, there is a very strong probability that things will no remain the same. While you may be itching to go out a bit more on your own, family relations will be smooth, and the viewpoint you will be experiencing will be positive. For those who are in the parental home, this will be a time when your thoughts will turn to getting out on your own.

Despite the strength in love and compatibility, there could be some discord. Mercury is in a planetary position to cause some possible confusion over information passing among people in relationships. It will be necessary to be clear and precise in matters of explaining yourself. The time when this is an issue will be the second part of February. In April, with Mars influencing you, (in the Fourth House) you will be able to help solve problems that may arise. There will also be great affection in your relationships in 2014.

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