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Hanuman Chalisa is a Vedic Oracle. This is a Hindi poem written by the poet Tulsi Das in reverence and praise of Lord Hanuman, the Son of Wind. This is usually recited as a prayer on Tuesdays and Saturdays to ward away all evil and attain happiness and prosperity.

Lord Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Ram. The kind of devotion he had towards Lord Ram is looked up to even today. Hanuman Chalisa is a powerful piece of literature that has strong healing powers. If you have belief in it, all problems will be solved. Chanting this prayer can help solve different problems and help you lead a happy life.

The different categories under which you can read different parts of this great Oracle are:

1. If you have unknowingly or knowingly Insulted someone
2. For more Courage and Ability to Overcome all Difficulties
3. To be blessed with Spiritual Knowledge
4. Give Strength and Shun Bad Company
5. Come Closer to the Lord
6. Remove Fear of Snakes
7. Remove Misunderstanding between Siblings
8. Attain Fame
9. Better Job Prospects
10. Be able to Overcome all Obstacles
11. Divine Protection
12. Remove Fear of Black Magic
13. Enjoy Good Health
14. Do Away with all Difficulties
15. Fulfillment of Desires
16. More Fame
17. Overcome Evil
18. Attain Wealth
19. Lead a Contented Life
20. Break from Problems
21. Grace of Hanuman
22. The Complete Hanuman Chalisa

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