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Eye Color Inheritance is an eye color determination tool for your child. This is based on the genetic inheritance of the eye color from a parent to a child.

Eye color inheritance has been an interesting topic of discussion for many years. It is a known fact that many children are born with a different eye color, which slowly darkens as they grow up. This program is a fun test that can determine the eye color of your child based on the eye color of the mother and the father. The eye color is passed on to the child through a process known as the Mendelian inheritance rules. But there can be exceptions too.

The Eye Colors consist of:
Light Blue
Green / Hazel
Light Brown
Dark Brown / Black
Eye color is known to have a polygenic inheritance pattern. It is determined by co-dominant alleles. This is one of the forms in which our genetic information is present in our DNA. Eye color is controlled by 6 different alleles. More the number of dominant alleles more are the chances of your eye being darker. But do keep in mind that this is not a very accurate method of determining the paternity of a child.

Please Note: Eye Color Method is not very reliable.

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