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Most of the mystic or occult systems bestow special importance on the use of gemstones for influencing the planets in such a way that they have benefic effects on the life of an individual. Each of the signs in astrology and each number in numerology have associated gemstones which please the ruling planets of the signs or the numbers.

Apart from appeasing the ruling astrology planets, gemstones also possess wonderful healing properties. If some gemstone cures skin problems or a troubled heart, the other helps in lowering high blood pressure and removing stress and anxiety. Gemstones have also proved to have effective capabilities in increasing concentration, memory and determination. The colors of the gemstones also have significant effects on the mind of the user.

It is true that gemstones can bring about miraculous changes in your life due to the crystal power they have. But you have to make sure that you are using the gem stones that suit you. Numerology is a very reliable way to find out the gemstones that can do wonders for you. Each person has a life path number, birth number and a destiny number. Which gemstone, a native should wear is determined on the basis of one’s life path number and destiny number.

Using gemstones on the basis of numerology and gemstones reading will neutralize the malefic planetary effects, if any. Problems like situational adversities and delays in getting results can also be solved by using the right gemstones. If you want to know which gemstones you should use for your health, happiness and prosperity, you need to get a free numerology and gemstones reading that will tell you the precise gemstone for you.

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