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Gems have the power to bring light into oneís life. With the help of the right gems, a person can get out of danger and as well keep one safe for a long time. The beautiful gemstones can actually eliminate bad influence that planets might have on your life. With gemology, you learn the influences of gems. How certain gems can bring good luck to you in a quick span of time and how you can choose the right gem for you, are all described in gemology with instructions on the precise date, time and hour of wearing the gems.

In the astrology, gems have a very important role to play. Each different gem has a link with a certain planet that can control the planetís influence. For example, topaz is associated with moon. It signifies clarity, creativity and happiness. Blue sapphire is associated with Saturn and said to solve any major problem within a couple of days after it is worn.

Gems and mantras have always been associated with each other. Every gem, when being worn, needs you to chant a mantra to sanctify the gemstone. Even today, other than the effectiveness of gems, they also possess great outward show. You can buy a gemstone just because of its sheer beauty. But every gem does not suit every personality. So if you want to know which gemstone is right for you, you can check out our free gemology reading. All you need to do is, enter your details in the box.

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