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The Astrology birth chart or natal chart predictions is essentially a calculated mathematical representation of the planetary positions at the precise time of your birth.

Now valid for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and beyond.

My Birth Chart

Here's how it is designed. The exact time, date, week, month and year are noted and then calculated on the basis of the ascendant's direction - eastern horizon. The chart is divided into 12 sections. The sections are known as houses and they represent different areas of life. The signs that were derived from the first step are noted around the circle, the first always being know an the ascendant. Then the planets are placed in each house according to the ascendant and their position at the time, date and place.

Together, the planets in the birth chart represents your life. Future predictions by date of birth can then be made by reading it. These differ from person to person because it needs a precise calculation of the planetary positions which change by the second; so much so when twins are born, the natal chart of one twin will and can greatly differ from each other.

If the exact time of one's birth is unknown, the time of some notable events that occurred in his/her life are calculated and after that, the astrologer then forecasts and calculates some probable birth times of the person and checks which one of them can render the most accurate connection with the likeliness of the events.

The interpretation of the Natal chart 2016 usually involves two steps that note the distributions in the houses and assess the planetary positions.

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