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Astrology is based on the influences of the different planets, the sun, the moon and also the various stars on the individuals. In fact it is the positions of the astrological planets that decide what kind or type if influence it will have on an individual. The relative positions of the planets or the planetary positions are also important as well as significant since the influence of each planet is also influenced by the other planets. For instance, Venus in the sixth house and Venus in the fourth house of your astrology natal chart do not have the same kind of influences.

The astrology planetary patterns or the astrological planetary positions are found through planetary position calculation or planetary patterns calculation. The astrology planetary patterns are generally presented through the birth chart or the natal chart. The presentation of the planetary patterns in your natal chart or the astrology birth chart ought to be perfect and accurate so that it helps the making of your horoscope with mathematical precision.

In fact, the relative planetary positions of the planets are of higher significance than the individual positions of astrological planets, though the individual planetary positions are never to be ignored. The popular forms through which the astrology planet positions are calculated include Locomotive Pattern, Bundle Pattern and also Splash Pattern of the planets.

If you want to know the astrology planetary positions at the time of your birth time, you can get a free birth chart that clearly shows the astrology planetary positions that influence you in a number of ways. The interpretation of the astrology planetary positions or the planetary patterns analysis will let you know the influence of the planets and also the influence of the relative positions of the planets on you.

You can get a free astrology planetary pattern analysis here. Just enter the required details such as your name, time and place of your birth and other details in the planetary pattern calculator provided here.

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