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Western astrology takes mainly the sun sign into account. However, for exact astrological calculations or for the generation of the perfect astrological horoscope, it is also necessary to know the moon sign of an individual. A moon sign astrology reading on the basis of the moon sign astrology principles, lets you know not only your moon sign but explains the influence of moon sign on you.

Think of the birth charts or the natal charts you have come across. The sun, the moon, the planets and the other astrological elements like the ascendants or the lagans are shown to be placed in specific houses, varying from individual to individual. The house in your natal chart, in which the moon is placed, is your moon sign.

A study into the moon sign astrology gives you a clear idea about its influences, due to your moon sign. Your moon sign mainly influences the ways of your personal feelings. The difference between moon sign astrology and moon sign astrology lies in the fact that moon sign deals with your personality while sun sign deals with your individuality.

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