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Upagrahas are not the major planetary figures in Vedic astrology. But, they are not be ignored considering their influences on individuals, in view of their positions in their natal charts. The influences of Upagrahas are so strong that they can even affect the attributes of the major astrological planets. Before you get your free Upagrahas analysis, let us provide you with an overview of the different Vedic astrology Upagrahas.

There are six major Upagrahas or sub-planets or shadow planets. Their positions are calculated based on their relative position in respect of the Sunís longitude. All these Upagrahas, namely, Kaala, Mrityu, Arthaprahaara, Yamaghantaka, Gulika, Maandi are malefic by nature. So, you really need to be aware of their positions in your natal chart and their influences on you. They have no physical form and are thought to be invisible.

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