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Vedic astrology is based on the analysis of the planetary positions and finding out their influences on the different aspects of human life. Each human being has a particular planetary position which is reflected in their birth chart. The influences of the astrology planets are not static. The planetary attributes vary depending on a number of influences like their compatibility with the astrology house of sign they are placed in, the angular positions of the planets in respect of others and also the intervention of the planets into the sphere of the other planets.

The planetary intervention is referred to as Argala in Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology planetary intervention is also referred to as planetary obstruction. The astrology planets, considering their positions causes obstructions to the spontaneous influences of certain planets. For instance, Jupiter and Saturn are placed at such angles that Jupiterís capability to favor the educational affairs of a native may be affected by Saturnís intervention or obstruction.

A planetary intervention calculation or Argala calculation can produce the argala chart. This planetary intervention chart, along with its interpretation can let you know the significance of the argala positions of the planets. You can then realize the ways the planets influence your nature, character and personality.

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