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The baseline of astrology of all types and in all parts of the world is nothing but the positions of the planets in the birth chart of an individual. Which astrological planet will have what influence on you depends on the planetary positions. Most amazingly, the planetary positions also influence the planetary relationships that again have severe impact on the nature, character and personality traits of individuals.

The planetary relationships are not always the same for an individual. They keep changing depending on the rulers of different phases of life. However, the general notion is that if two rival planets are placed in the same house, there are lots of troubles and obstacles that the individual has to face and overcome. Again, certain planetary positions create such planetary combination that the average beneficial effects of the planets are increased to a new dimension.

It is necessary for you to know the relationships among the planets, as revealed through your natal chart or birth chart. You ought to know the planetary relationships so that you know its effects on you and can take necessary precautions, if required. You can get a planetary relationship reading here now. Just enter the details that are sought. You will know the relationships among the planets and their influence on you.

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