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The planets, stars, asteroids and other astrological elements have different significances of their own, considering their ways of influencing the different aspects of life, depending on their positions at the time of birth of an individual. Any rational mind would be able to understand the very basic fact that the astrology elements cannot have similar kinds of influences all the time. The very same planet or asteroid has different kinds of character and personality attributes in case of two different persons.

The planets or other astrology elements that have evil impacts on the life of an individual are referred to as aprakasha grahas or non-luminaries or non-luminary planets. It is always better to be aware of the non luminaries in your birth chart. In that case you will have the foreknowledge of the negative ways the non-luminary planets are going to influence you. As a result, you have the scope to arrange your plans accordingly so that none of your ventures are disturbed by the unfavorable vibes of the non luminary planets.

It is not that the aprakash grahas or the non luminary planets have ill effects on people all the time. Though it may appear quite surprising the truth remains that even the non luminaries or the apakasha grahas or the non luminous planets have favorable influences on the different aspects of people’s lives. Interestingly, it is suggested by Vedic astrology principles and has also been observed in many cases that the favorable influences of the non-luminaries are, at times, can make a haven out of a deprived, mundane and boring life.

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