Mayan Zodiac Horoscope 2016, 2017

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2016 Mayan Zodiac Sign

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What's your Maya Zodiac sign? Mayan Astrology calculator gives an interpretation of the sign you belong to according to Maya calendar.

It also gives you your Day Number (or Galactic Number), characteristic, personality traits, lucky gemstone name, the English name of your day sign and also some eminent personality born under your sign. This pop quiz allows you to understand zodiac signs and his/her own personality from a whole new perspective.

The Mayas were one of the most advanced civilizations of it time. In fact, so far advanced that archaeological experts and scientist have gathered evidence from everything ranging from flying machines to cutting tools which we cannot duplicate and or fully understand even today in 2016 and 2017.

The Mayan civilization came into existence over one thousand years; the ancient Maya interpreted and understood time in a way which was unique and different from any known. This unique understanding of time and astronomy lead them to develop their own system of astrology. This Mesoamerican form of astrology was one of the most advanced forms of astrology of its time. The Maya Calendar was known as the Tzolk'in and consisted of 20 day signs with 13 galactic numbers which gave a 260 day period calendar.

Maya Astrology

The Mayans understood and accepted the fact that time was not linear; hence, it is just a series of repeating cycles i.e. the end of one cycle is the beginning of the other one.

This is what led to the development of Mayan zodiac calculator based on the of Mayan calendar. These symbols are universal in nature and excel the third-dimensional time. The zodiac signs of the Mayan horoscope are as follows:

Imix / Crocodile
Ik / Wind
Akbal / Night
Kan / Seed
Chicchan / Serpent
Cimi / Transformer
Manik / Deer
Lamat / Star
Muluc / Offering
Oc / Dog
Chuen / Monkey
Eb / Road
Ben / Reed
Ix / Jaguar
Men / Eagle
Cib / Wisdom
Caban / Earth
Etznab / Flint
Cauac / Storm
Ahau / Sun

Each of zodiac signs have been named with great understanding on the stars and its influences on our mind, body and soul.Get a full Mayan Zodiac Horoscope Report now with this calculator.

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