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Try this 1 minute Maya Zodiac Compatibility Calculator! Mayan Astrology Compatibility Test is a wonderful app for understanding of how compatible a couple is. The very nature and thinking of Mayan Civilization which thought much beyond the present, makes this Mayan horoscope compatibility the most perfect Love Test.

Everybody who is interested to use the Mayan symbols can use this Mayan zodiac calculator for the purpose of finding their path. These symbols are universal in nature and excel beyond the third-dimensional time and space. The goal is to become one with the galactic mind. It uses the Mayan Calendar to generate a Maya compatibility analysis based on the Mayan Astrology Day Sign and Galactic Tone. The Mayan System works with glyphs.

Mayan Compatibility
The names of the different glyphs or Day Signs are:

Red Dragon
White Wind
Blue Night
Yellow Seed
Red Serpent
White Worldbridger
Blue Hand
Yellow Star
Red Moon
White Dog
Blue Monkey
Yellow Human
Red Skywalker
White Wizard
Blue Eagle
Yellow Warrior
Red Earth
White Mirror
Blue Storm
Yellow Sun

The different Maya Day Numbers of Galactic Tones are:

(1) Magnetic
(2) Lunar
(3) Electric
(4) Self-Existing
(5) Overtone
(6) Rhythmic
(7) Resonant
(8) Galactic
(9) Solar
(10) Planetary
(11) Spectral
(12) Crystal
(13) Cosmic

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