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Before we come to know about life theme astrology, let us first understand what life theme means, as referred to here. Human beings undertake such extensive activities and gather such vast experiences in their lives, and are so diverse that the very idea of determining a single theme out of a life seems tough, and more then that, unjust. No human being lives his/her life with the same way of thinking all through life.

Life theme astrology deals with the life themes. Life theme of a person, to be generic, is an impression that hovers in the mind as soon as his/her name comes to mind. But, it cannot mean that the life theme of Maradona is football since that is the first thing that comes to your mind when his name occurs to you. Life theme astrology is more extensive in the sense that it takes into consideration a few more factors.

A person has particular ways of thinking. Attitudes vary depending on the situations the person is in. One may be very jolly at workplace and formal gatherings but keeps quiet when in private. Again, a formidable sportsperson may find solace in the tunes and rhythms. If you know the earlier person at workplace and the later on the field, you cannot determine how they are in their private life. On the other hand, those who have seen them in their personal lives may be surprised at the personality they wear at work or profession. However, both the personalities are true, though they may appear opposite and sometimes differing.

So, it appears that knowing a person is not enough to know his her life theme. Moreover, how can you determine the future life theme of a person when you have no clue to what he/she would do in future?

Life theme astrology helps you in this regard. A life theme astrology reading will let you know the career and professional fields you are best fitted for. you can know the personality type and nature types you will be known for. You can also be aware of the ways things will be in your love and marital life. The life theme astrology analysis gives you an impression of health condition at different phases of your life.

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