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“Had I been …… ..”, “Had I had ….. ….. ….”, “If I could …. …. ..” –

Wishes and desires crop up in the minds of individuals. The unique ways of human feeling and thinking at different times and under different circumstances are revealed by such wide range of instant and temporary wishes that people have.

These instant and temporary wishes are termed free will. Though it is impossible to predict the exact wishes that one is going to have, unless you are a mind reader, it is possible to find out the working process of the mind at different situations that make you make wishes like the way you do. The types of such wishes and free wills of an individual depend much on the nodal point positions at the time of his/her birth.

Free will astrology takes into account the positions of nodal points at the time of birth of a native and finds the influence of the nodal points on his/her mind and mentality. Thus it is possible to determine the free will types of an individual since the way his/her mind works can be indicated by the interpretation of the nodal point positions at his/her time of birth.

If you want to know the way your mind works, especially when it comes to the matter of free wishes and free will, you can get a free will astrology reading. If you want to get an instant free will profile for yourself, get it here. All you need to do is to enter the required details in the given spaces. Click into the result page to get your free will astrology report.

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