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Japanese Astrology Compatibility is a blood type based compatibility test. This method of knowing peopleís traits and their compatibility with each other is very much practiced in Japan. This Japanese method of personality matching is as popular as matching horoscopes is anywhere else in the world.

Furukawa Takeji is the person who made this methodology popular after intense research. Furukawa proposed that the nature of people is closely associated with their blood type. This has influenced people in different ways. Each blood group is symbolic of certain characteristics. People of certain blood groups get along well with people of certain groups.

The blood groups are characterized as follows:

Type O:
Japanese Name: The Warrior

Type A:
Japanese Name: The Farmer

Type B:
Japanese Name: The Hunter

Type AB
Japanese Name: The Humanist

Japanese Astrology Compatibility is a blood type personality astrology / compatibility assessment tool. This is based on the Japanese way of compatibility assessment on the basis of a personís blood type. The test tells you more about your characteristics as well as the level of compatibility with people of other blood types.

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