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9 star Ki Astrology is an Oriental form of astrology related to the I Ching. This form of astrology combines the symbolism of the I Ching with the Lo Shu magic square. This ancient branch of Japanese astrology originated more than 1000 years ago.

The word 'Energy' is referred to as the 'Ki' according to Japanese astrology. 9 Star Ki Astrology reports display your 9 Star Ki numbers, your Birth or Natal Chart, your 9 Star Ki Element and predictions of your relationships. 9 Star Ki Astrology is generally known as the Japanese astrological method for determining your daily horoscope and personal relationships using the Nine Stars method, which has its basis on the Feng Shui 'Magic Square', or what is more commonly known as the Lo Shu.

A normal 9 Star Ki Astrology reading is based on three numbers - Principal Number, Character Number and the Energetic Number. The Principal number is the number which reflects your inner fundamental nature; the number which shows the pattern under which you were born. It is the number which tells a lot about your personality, your nature, characteristic traits, positive and negative traits and the like. The Character number is the number which reflects your behavioral pattern since childhood till you reach the age of adolescence. This number also shows how we, as individuals respond to the pressures, difficulties and challenges of life and how we come out of it. The Energy Number is the number which describes the side of your personality which you show up when you meet a person for the time. The impression which you create upon others on meeting them is governed by the Energy Number.

A 9 Star Ki Astrology reading thus makes one aware of his / her attitudes and his / her response to different situations. This will not only help us become better individuals but also helps us understand our friends and relatives much better than ever before.

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