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Zi Wei Do Shu or the Purple Star Astrology is an interesting branch of Chinese astrology based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Purple Star Astrology is based on Chinese Astrology that predicts a person's overall personality as well as his potential throughout his life related to money, profession, asset, health and relationship with parent, siblings, spouse, children and friends, the 12 palaces of life. All calculations are done based on a person's date of birth.

The origin of Purple Star Astrology can be traced back to 980 - 1280 A.D i.e. during the Sung dynasty and is mainly attributed to Chen Hsi Ee, who is known to have improved, refined and documented this entire system of Chinese Astrology. There are over then 100 stars in the Zi Wei Do Shu system out of which only 30 or 40 of them are considered to be important for the purpose of conducting an accurate reading.

All the stars in Purple Star Astrology are distributed over 12 major palaces or field of human life namely, Life, Sibling, Spouse, Children, Wealth, Health, Travel, Friends, Profession, Property, Enjoyment and Parent based on your date and time of birth. Again if the stars are placed in courts that are directly opposite to each other or are in triangular harmony, then it will greatly affect the native's health, wealth, life and prosperity.

As such, the Purple Star Astrology involves a number of complex calculations and this probably may be the reason as to why it takes years for a person to master this particular branch of Chinese astrology.

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