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According to the Chinese belief of health constitution, human health and immunity factors are dependent on the chi level in the body. Analyzing human body constitution with this method has proved to be effective. Application of the chi body constitution principles for the betterment of health and physical conditions have been appreciated by many over centuries.

The health conditions in human body owe much to the chi or qi level in the body. Different chi or qi levels in the body indicate different health conditions. For instance, the low level of chi or qi indicate deficient chi. Stagnant chi reflect a different dimension of health condition.

You need to know your chi constitution of your body if you want to be aware of your health conditions. The wise decision is to get a chi constitution analysis that will reveal the chi level in your body. The chi body constitution test will also reveal the health problems you may suffer from, considering your chi conditions or qi levels. Awareness of the possible ailments help you take proper precautionary measures so that you can avoid being victim of that health problem.

If you want to get a free chi body constitution test to know the chi level in your body, you can get it here instantly, and that too, for free. You just have to enter the details you are asked for in the given spaces.

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