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Egyptian Astrology
Do you know your personality as per Egyptian Astrology? What egyptian god / goddess are you? What Egyptian God are you most like? Who is my egyptian god parent? Which Egyptian god are you? Here is your chance to get free Egyptian zodiac signs readings for your friends and family. Know more about the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses who rule over the 12 astrology signs. Get a detailed personality quiz report on the basis of your Egyptian sign. Understand this ancient Egyptian astrology system and get instant forecasts of your God / Goddess sign. Also get a free Egyptian horoscope compatibility report to know how compatible you are with your partner. Try these amazing online Egyptian zodiac calculators and get free astrology predictions and analysis.
Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians were fascinated by the stars and the planets and felt that they could help understand human beings better. The Gods and Goddesses held an important place in the lives of the Egyptians. The Egyptian zodiac comprises of twelve signs, each named after a particular god. The Egyptians felt that the gods influenced people in each and every aspect. More...
Egyptian Astrology Compatibility is a free test that finds your compatibility with your partner on the basis of Egyptian astrology. Egyptian zodiac is based on the Gods Goddesses of Egypt who are looked upto with great reverence. The stars in the sky fascinated the Ancient Egyptians. They were especially interested in astrology and their gods and goddesses occupied an important place in their daily lives. More...