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Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians were fascinated by the stars and the planets and felt that they could help understand human beings better. The Gods and Goddesses held an important place in the lives of the Egyptians. The Egyptian zodiac comprises of twelve signs, each named after a particular god. The Egyptians felt that the gods influenced people in each and every aspect.

The stars in the sky fascinated the Ancient Egyptians. They were especially interested in astrology and their gods and goddesses occupied an important place in their daily lives. In fact, the 12 Egyptians zodiac signs have been kept under the 12 different names of gods and goddesses. The twelve signs based on the twelve gods and goddesses are: Amon-Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Geb, Horus, Isis, Mut, The Nile, Osiris, Sekhmet, Set and Thoth.

The Egyptians believe that a person's personality, his life and fortune is generated by the different influences, of the ruling god of the sign under which they were born. The god of the sign represents the nature and the character of the individual. The native's behavior, his power and skills are also represented by the ruling gods of the zodiac signs.

An Egyptian astrology reading includes you a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to in the Egyptian zodiac, the positive and negative traits of each sign, your lucky colors, sacred animal, ruling deity, his role and appearance, your polarity and compatibility with other signs.

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