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Sabian symbols astrology is one of the most interesting astrology systems in the world. Though this astrology principle is not used widely, its significance and effectiveness in making predictions cannot be denied. The most interesting thing about Sabian symbols astrology is that it is a combination of astrology and divination.

The Sabian symbols have their own implications. Each of the Sabian symbol is associated with a part of a zodiac house. Thus a number of Sabian symbols can be associated with the single zodiac sign of Aries. The part of the zodiac houses are calculated in degrees and minutes. The Sabian symbols are associated with certain personality traits and natural tendencies.

The personality traits are reflected by the Sabian symbols. For instance, 3-4 degrees in the house of Aries is associated with a Sabian symbol of the two lovers strolling on a secluded walk. Sabian symbol astrology predictions are made on the basis of such significances of the symbols associated with different parts of each house of the zodiac.

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