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The 2023-2024 Runes Reading gives a clear insight into your inner self and what lies ahead. This app can be used to bring about clarity in your thinking and to get answers that important to you. This also helps in solving your questions day to day issues and problems by showing you possible solutions and out comes of the same.

Rune Stones
In order to read the Runes - the Elder futhark, it is very important to know what each runes stone means. But here lies a folly, some may equate knowing and understanding with and to memorizing the meaning. But to read the hidden meaning behind the runes one must instinctively know and understand them. The reader must develop a strong connection and bond with the Elder futhark. Starting with the first rune i.e. FEOH, each rune stone should be taken and visualized and the stone’s physical connection with the rune needs to be understood. The Runic alphabet is known as the ‘Futhark’.

During the middle ages, the people of Northern Europe, the British Isles and the Scandinavians used certain alphabetic scripts. In modern times we popularly known as Runes. There is no documented evidence as to when the Runes have been used as a form of divination. But today Runes stones are often used like the Tarot cards for fortune telling.

The different kinds of runes that can be used for a reading are Gold, Ice, Jade, Spirit, Stone. Different runes are used for readings for different purposes. Some of the popular types of rune spreads or layouts used for rune reading are Cross, Diamond, Fork, Norn and Single. The runes may be upright, merkstaved or reversed.

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