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Take a Florence Littauer's Personality Plus Test! Personality Plus is a personality test based on the four key personality types. Namely - Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic.

Personality Plus by Florence Littauer shows your dominant personality type and also shows how you interact with people. Take this self test and analysis based on scientific methods and testing which gives a in-depth psychological personality profile of a person.

Unlike other personality quiz, Personality Plus analysis not only tells you about your personality type. But also about different traits you have with relation to other people. The personlaity report, shows how you interact with your friends and family, your coworker, colleagues and other people.

Below are the four personality types based on this this self test:

A. Popular Sanguine
According to Florence Littauer's a person showing a Popular Sanguine as dominant traits is charming person whom everyone gets attracted to. Other traits this type of person displays are :
Being the centre of attraction, full of life, talkative with good sense of humor, makes friends very easily, a favorite with friends, a great parent and does not hold grudges. But Littauer also states that such a personality type tend to forget responsibilities and at times are egoistical and loud. At work, always enthusiastic, volunteering for new jobs. Capable and keeps co-workers motivated and happy, has a lot of energy but tends not to get priorities straight in order.

B. Powerful Choleric
Littauer's Personality analysis test says a person showing a Powerful Choleric as dominant trait is a very dynamic person. Other traits this type of person displays are :
A born leader with great motivational skills, cold-hearted, strong willed and independent, Florence Littauer's Test says such a person should be careful while dealing so that he/she doesnt come across to others as being arrogant and dominating, be relaxed and less rigid. Control your temper and should learn to say sorry! At work such a person can see the bigger picture and plan goals carefully, is good at delegating work and getting things organized. But tends to use people and be rude. You run your home also like your office with everything planned and organized.

C. Perfect Melancholy
A Personality Plus Test with Perfect Melancholy as dominant trait is logical and has a analytical frame of mind. Other traits include :
Serious by nature, always deep in thought, is gifted with great creative and artistic skills and also cares about others and are always there in times of trouble. Is generally a good parent but because of a logical and analytical thinking can make a child's life difficult. A good and devoted friend but who prefers to remain in the sidelines. At work, the Melancholy types are perfectionists and maintain high standards, are good with facts and figures but particular about small details. This type of person always finishes what he/she starts.

D. Peaceful Phlegmatic
People with Peaceful Phlegmatic as dominant trait are cool and calm. Other traits include :
Not easily flustered, taking problems in their stride, has a lot of patience and are usually kind by nature, reliable and consistent. The Phlegmatic types are patient with children and share a good friendly rapport with them. Others enjoy their company becuase of the amicable and pleasant nature. Is shy and remains in the background, need to be responsible for their own actions and learn to adapt to changes. At work, you can tend to be casual, lazy and careless but get along well with one and all, good at administrative jobs, solving problems and mediating between people.

Personality Plus By Florence Littauer is a very useful self evaluation tool. Try It Now!

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