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Handwriting analysis or graphology is the study of the handwriting of an individual in such a way that an insight into the mind and psyche of the individual can be gained. Thus hand writing analysis or graphology can bring out your characteristic features, natural tendencies and various personality traits at different levels and dimensions.

Compatibility signifies the mutuality in a relationship of any kind. It is the compatibility level between two persons that indicates how harmonious the relationship is. There are a number of ways for compatibility test. Handwriting analysis or graphology is one of the most reliable means for compatibility test.

Handwriting analysis compatibility refers to the level of compatibility between two partners as calculated on the basis of the handwriting analysis of the partners. Handwriting analysis compatibility tests can judge the mind and psyche of both the partners, and therefore, finds characteristic features, basic natural tendencies and also the innate personality traits of both. When all these factors of both the partners are known, it is very easy to calculate the compatibility level between two partners. Handwriting analysis compatibility is most reliable because of the scientific basis of the principles that is used.

You can do a handwriting analysis compatibility test or graphology compatibility test now with the handwriting analysis compatibility calculator here. Follow the instructions and you will get the compatibility interpretation on the basis of the analysis of the handwritings of you and your partner.

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