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Palmistry Compatibility involves the practice of telling fortunes related to the marital life of a person from the lines and configurations on the palm of his/ her hand. Compatibility in marriage and relationship is the prime factor of importance for all of us. A happy married life is possible only on the basis of compatibility between the couple.

Palmistry Compatibility is a unique relationship compatibility test that helps one analyze his/ her relationships based on the concepts of Palmistry. It gives an insight to any relationship and helps analyze the similarity and differences between couples. This also aids a person to make one of the most important decisions of his/ her life.

It is said that the left hand is the hand we are born with and the right hand is the hand we make. So it is always suggested that you analyze your Right Hand FIRST and then the Left Hand. The main features which are seen for compatibility based on palmistry are Shape of Hand, Skin Texture, Thickness of the Hands, Shape of Fingers, Thumbs, Shape of Nails, Head Line, Heart Line and Mount of Venus.

Thus the above mentioned 'rules' and principles can be abided by for the purpose of predicting marriage compatibility. But it must however be remembered that sexual and emotional compatibility in marriages greatly depend upon the psychology of the couples. Palmistry has no control over the psychological development of an individual. So judging the personality of the individuals is also of prime importance to make a marriage successful, happy and blissful.

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