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Pagan is believed to be one of the oldest religions of the world, the origin of which has remained obscure till date. Some Pagans worship god and goddesses. Others worship the Goddess and the God. These deities played the most important part in the lives of these people as because early humans depended much on nature and the natural environment to sustain life. The Pagans work with nature or the forces of the universe to bring about positive things that are desired and necessary to sustain life.

The term Pagan has been derived from the Latin word ‘paganus’ which means rural or rustic. The church uses the word Pagan to describe those people who are neither Christian nor Jew or not even Moslem. Those belonging to this particular culture are believed to be the followers of the age old universal beliefs and rituals.

Pagans, Wiccans and their culture have been misunderstood till date. As per many astrology and the occult dictionaries, paganism and the pagan culture are defined as the worship of false gods and goddesses. Pagan gods and goddesses are not make-believe creations. It is time that we should shake off these misunderstanding be more receptive to people who follow this different path of worship.

A Pagan information resource is a tool which is a definite MUST HAVE for any pagan, Wiccan or anybody who is to know more about the pagan culture. It gives a basic idea about each sign based on the Pagan Paths, Pagan Festive Seasons, Pagan Elements, Pagan Gods, Pagan Goddesses and Pagan Calendar.

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